Pledge Not To Waste Food During Ramadan

It is an irony that the amount of food wastage in Muslim households and organizations increases during the fasting month of Ramadan. It was reported that in 2018, as much as 20,088 tonnes of food went into the garbage bin nationwide daily during Ramadan. With that quantity wasted daily during the entire month of Ramadan there is enough to feed one and a half times the Malaysian population. This year, the estimated food and plastic materials discarded daily during the holy month is 10,000 tonnes. Middle East nations are acknowledged as being the world’s top food wasters, and during Ramadan the situation takes a turn for the worse. In 2012, the Dubai Municipality estimated that in Ramadan, around 55% of household waste (or approximately 1,850 tons is thrown away every day. In Ramadan, food waste generation in Bahrain exceeds 400 tons per day during the holy month, according to Rehan Ahmad, Head of Waste Disposal Unit (Bahrain). As far as Qatar is concerned, it is expected that almost half of the food prepared during Ramadan will find its way into garbage bins.

On the individual level, we can see how easy it is to over-estimate when buying food especially on an empty stomach. Acknowledging the atrocity of this problem is the beginning of its solution.

Checkout these useful tips on how we can reduce food wastage:




Pledge not to waste food this Ramadan and share this article now.

By khai

8 Apr, 2022

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