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Finding someone to clear your clutter?

Look no further, is here. Engage our convenient and hassle-free service to pick up all your clutter. You don’t have to do any sorting! The list of items that can or can’t be recycled can get confusing at times. Be part of the circular economy by letting us donate the items that can still be used. Let us help you declutter so you can live a blissful clutter-free life. 

What We Collect

Includes the following and not limited to:


Clothes, Blankets, Bedsheets, Curtains, Bags, Shoes, Uniforms, Carpets, Soft Toys, Pillows


Food Tins, Drink Cans, Furniture Frames, Kettles, Knives, Umbrellas 


Computers, Mobile Phones, Tablets, Keyboards, Electronics, Cables, Wires


Detergent Bottles, Beverage Bottles, Souvenir, Toys, Stationeries, Containers


Magazines, Newspaper, Books, Cardboard, Paper Bags


Glass Bottles, Souvenir, Vases, Glasses, Mirrors

Doorstep Clutter Removal

Doorstep Clutter Removal allows you to place your clutter at your doorstep prior to your scheduled pickup time. You don’t have to be there during your preferred time slot. We will come to collect it and update you via email once completed. We will then sort and donate items which are still in good condition. Otherwise, it will either be sent to recycling centres or properly disposed.

Up to 20kg

On average 2 x Medium-sized boxes full


21 to 50kg

On average 4 x Medium-sized boxes full


51kg and above

5 x Medium-sized boxes full or more


Frequently Asked Questions

What if does not collect my clutter even though I've paid already? is committed to be the go-to service when you declutter. Nevertheless, we do not rule out unforeseen circumstances that may affect our operations. In such situation, we strive to communicate with you of any changes in a timely manner so you can be assured that we will come and collect. Should there be any request for refunds due to valid reasons, it will be paid out within 2 weeks less transaction fees.

How do I pack the items?

You can pack them in boxes or bags.

What if my clutter weighs more than 20kg but I choose the package that is meant for below 20kg? reserves the right to refuse collection if weight range of clutter chosen is inaccurate. We will request for a top up to match the correct price otherwise we will issue a refund or collect the items up till the paid package weight leaving behind the excess items. may weigh and show proof of measurement.

Do I get paid for the items collected?

No, charges you for the collection, transportation, sorting and administration based on the weight of your items collected.

Safe and Secure

Your safety and privacy is our top priority. We want to earn your trust so when you declutter you think of us.

All Online

Remove the hassle of onsite assessment and payments. We make it easy for you so it becomes easier for us.


Customer satisfaction of our service standards is our bottomline. 5 star reviews on Google.

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